Turkish Bath Cloth

Türk Hamam Kesesi

   Turkish bath cloth is a product of 60 years of experience specialized on the subject since 1958. When Turkish bath cloth is analyzed, its benefits can be started as the following.

    Peeling will make you relax, you will feel lighter. Turkish bath cloth will not only help to prevent dermatological diseases but also will assist you in getting rid of the acnes by accelerating the blood circulation and renewing your skin. Peeling which will result in exfoliation and purfication will open up your pores and let your skin to breathe. Turkish bath cloth cleans and refreshes your skin and also makes you healthier through its contribution to your immune system against diseases.

    Today the role of the bath cloth in eliminating the cellulite and being the cure for women's worst fear is indisputable.

     "Ultimate methos to fight cellulite is Turkish bath cloth. However this conventional method is not given the well deserved importance. Today in the western medicine procedures similar to peeling 8brushing the skin, chemical peeling etc.) are perceived as the active methods in fighting the cellulite problem. When using Turkish bath cloth upper skin is peeled and fresh live skin is revealed. Turkish bath cloth increases the blood circulation and prevents cellilute formation under the sikin; it also plays a vital role in eliminating the existing cellulite.

    Yeditepe University Plastic Surgery Department Chair and Este7 Unit Manager Proffessor Ahmet Karasular recommends women to use Turkish type of bath cloth.

    Take action for a cellulite free summer. Proffessor Neslihan Sendir provides the following formula: "In addition to drinking lots of water and taking long walks peeling in the morning and at night in the cold shower will free you from the orange skin look which you perceive as your destiny."

    In accordence with the opinions of the medical dostors, dermatologists, surgeons we recommed you Kelebek Kese for a smooth, healhy and a cellulite free skin.