Kelebek Textile

kelebek bina

  The history of this miraculous glove, know as Turkish bath exfoliating cloth, trace back to the Ottoman Empire period. Turkish bath cloth, a product of Turkish bath culture emerged during the Ottoman period, is becoming one of the centers of attraction not only in Turkey but also throughout the world in addition to is numeros benefits.

    Turkish bath cloth which became an inseparable part of the Turkish baths being opened in Europe one after another has been produced by our company since 1958 in accordance with the contemporary tecniques.

    Manufacture of our Turkish bath cloth specially woven with viscose and silk with a special technique has been going on intensely and we are getting ready to introduce the world markets with the upper segment of our product SCRUB&PEEL.

    Our Turkish bath cloth which is being produced bey Kelebek Textile and know as KELEBEK KESE is a registered trademark.  Sales corners of the classic version are USA, Canada, Australia and Russia in addition to retail stores selling Turkish bath equipment.